January 9-13 2012

This has been an amazing and exhausting week. Last week we started up again with Gymnastics and face-2-face time at school. This week we added Creative Dance, swimming lessons and Girls Club. Lots of great activities and socializing but where to find time for our sit down learning?

E spent an hour on iXL Math and proudly completed 100 problems. She worked on addition with groups of 10s and 1s. It was exciting to watch her internalize the concept that a 2 digit number is representing groups of 10 and 1s. She seems to have made a real leap forward. We also spent a couple of hours on ABC Reading Eggs and E completed a map section. She is consistently recognizing and decoding combined consonants such as sh, ch, th, and ng. E is strong in phonics so we are focussing on logical strategies such as reading ahead in a sentence to figure out meaning then filling in any blanks after. In Science we went for a hike into the mountains and discussed what is alive and what is not alive. We examined ice crystals, and looked at tree rings while we talked about how trees grow.ImageImageIn Health we are constantly learning about human development as Baby S is now eating solids. We have been talking about healthy eating and sleeping habits and how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle. I am very concerned about body image and have noticed E is beginning to talk about what makes you “fat”. In response, I am very intentional in emphasizing what a healthy body can do rather than how it should look. In Social Studies we have started a pocket book on Canada Geese from Module 3. That’s us for this week now we’re off to enjoy the snow!


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