January 23-27

3 weeks into a 7 week term and we are starting to hit our stride. We’re finding our weekdays busy but with dad working on the weekends we’re making up some time on Saturdays.

This week was filled with some fun learning opportunities as we  work through the modules for term 2. We worked on the Special People and Places (module 3) in Social Studies this week and reflected on some of our favourite memories and places. One of E’s favourite memories is the week we spent at Disneyworld last year and the lazy river swimming pool at our hotel. We also moved twice so talked a lot about moving and what’s good and bad about it. Socially E learned a lot about making new friends and in regards to community discovering a new neighbourhood and the services available.

We had a great time at the Math Extravaganza on Friday and enjoyed playing them at home too. Physical Activity is always a big part of our week with our repeating dance, swim, PE, and gymnastics schedule. We also added some playground and trampoline time on Friday.

In Science E is working on a biology project about birds and will be doing a 5 min. presentation to her class at WGCC next week.

Now onto a new week!

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