January 30 – February 3 2012

Time flies when you’re having fun and I’m happy to report we’re having a great time! This week E was all about Science. She picked the Black-Capped Chickadee to do her Science report on and has been busy researching, drawing and making models for her presentation next week!  We watched a variety of videos about how birds build nests then built our own replica birds nest using found materials in the yard and a bit of raffia and craft feathers. I think E was as blown away as I was when we realized how clumsy our opposable thumbs and 8 fingers were and a bird can do it with a beak and it’s feet!

We have also been regaled with the facinating facts of a Chickadees life cycle each evening as E practised her presentation. We will video the actual event to present in our portfolio. E has been working on eye contact, posture, and vocal tone and volume. She is also combining a lecture style with question and response to keep her audience engaged in her topic. It has been really fun watching her take on this new role and we’re hoping she is as funny and focussed on the actual day of the presentation!

Her project also incorporates some writing as she is preparing a poster to guide her through the facts she will present on her topic and has been working hard on labels and short sentences to put on the poster.


Math strands this week were data, probability and some intervals as we discussed temperature and seasonal variances. E read, copied and discussed graphs and thermometers. We also counted days, weeks and years to calculate the Chickadee’s life cycle.

In other subjects we’re always reading and Tintin is as popular as ever for bedtime read-alouds. Currently working through Tintin and the Cigars of the Pharoh. We’re also still working on Ribsy and have added some poetry by A.A. Milne.Some Dr. Seuss this week with The Diggingest Dog, PJ Funnybunny in shared reading and E read Hop on Pop independently.  E is also reading some Berenstain Bears books to her brothers: The B Book, Berenstain Bears On the Moon, and Inside, Outside Upside Down.

Physical Activity this week: Monday – 1 hr (dance), Tuesday – 1 hr (PE), Wednesday – 2 hrs (Swimming & Gymnastics), Thursday – 30min (Lochiel), Friday – 2+ hrs (playground), Saturday – 2+ hrs (picnic at the park), Sunday – 1 hr (Trampoline)

This was the last week of Gymnastics for the year:

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