February 13-18, 2012

Math is priority as we look to the end of the term and review what we’ve accomplished and have yet to cover. This week is data management with Giraffe Graphs. 

We loved the great pictures in this book and learned the different ways graphs represent numeric information. We tied into our Chickadee project starting with a tally chart of birds and squirrel sightings in the backyard. E kept track of the numbers of birds and squirrels with a tally chart and then converted the information from the chart into a bar graph.

Writing/ Art/ Math integrated Collage with different graph pictures we cut and pasted from magazines and sentences describing why and when we use graphs.

Exercise: Monday – dance (1hr), Tuesday -PE (1hr), Wednesday – Swimming (1.5 hrs), Thursday – Lochiel, Friday – bike ride and playground (1hr)


Read Aloud – Odyssey audiobooks,  The Message for Kids, Amelia Bedelia Cleans Up

Shared: Dr. Seuss Books and Berenstain Bears

Independent: board books and readers

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