February 19-25

Last couple weeks of the term and we’re busy, busy, busy! We are doing homeschool in transit this week as we spend time with family in the Okanagan. Fortunately with Dad here working we still have plenty of time each day to get some schoolwork done. Snow is the topic this week and we have snowmen, snow stories and snow games galore! 

E is working on measurement and has been exploring non-standard units for length and capacity. We had fun transferring flowers from one vase to another as we determined which vase had the largest and smallest capacity. E explored Grandma’s house with a cut-out of her foot finding  a variety of items that were smaller, same size and bigger than her foot. Following our non-standard units we worked on converting to standard units by exploring the same spaces with a measuring tape.

We also found out how many cousin-lengths versus E-lengths to measure the length of the living room. And made a graph to show the different measurements.

In Reading E worked on the Cornerstones stories and independently read SnowParty and The Biggest Snowball in the World to her brothers and cousins several times. She also worked on the associated writing assignments and mini-book in the module.

Exercise this week has been play, play play with some swimming tossed in for good measure. We had outside play for an hour or so each day this week and swimming at the hotel Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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