April 22 – April 29th 2012

This week we worked on quite a bit of math. E is working on adding tens and ones and has been counting to 100 by 10s and 5s. She is doing addition and subtraction exercises using pictures and numbers. E is gaining confidence in dance and has started saying that she will participate in the upcoming recital. She is also creating some wonderful paintings and sculptures in her art class.


Tuesday she played soccer in PE class, her swimming lesson on Wednesday was the half-way point in the session so the instructor reviewed her skills and encouraged her to work on her form when kicking and keeping her body up during back floats. On Thursday E enjoyed the science activities at school and told us how she made the raisins dance. Friday we did some bike riding and had a playdate. Saturday we got some roller skates and E spent much of the day between her new skates and the trampoline at her cousin’s house. Sunday we went to church/ Sunday School and spent some time working in the yard.



After listening to the audiobook “The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever” by Barbara Robinson, we found an excellent resource of online book study questions: (http://www.mce.k12tn.net/reading37/best_christmas_pageant_ever.htm). E scored 9/10 on Chapter 1, 7/10 on Ch. 2, 9/10 on Ch. 3, 10/10 on Ch. 4, 7/9 on Ch. 5, 10/10 on Ch. 6 and 8/10 on Ch. 7 comprehension questions. As an extension activity E drew a picture of the Herdmans using descriptions from the book and her imagination

Reading this week:

Active listening – The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever, Oliver and Amanda series: “Amanda Pig, First Grader,” “Amanda Pig and the Wiggly tooth” (Van Leeuwen)

Shared: Spinderella (Donaldson & Pichon), Veggietales Bible

Independent: The Loud Book (Underwood)


April 16-21, 2012

Here we are a couple of weeks behind and trying to play catch up! This past week we continued with our regular dance, art, swimming, and face-to-face day at school. Special add in this week was a field trip on Friday to a nearby museum. We did a scavenger hunt and E was very engaged in finding the answers and filling in the blanks all by herself. We had some great history learning about pioneers in our area. We also enjoyed the Old General Store display and talked about money and the changing value of goods over time.


We also had the opportunity to explore some interesting artwork on display in the adjoined gallery. There was a collection of mixed media canvases with all kinds of recycled paper and wrappers:


Then we enjoyed an interactive display where the artist had painted a girl and then projected pictures of other painted images onto the blank areas of the canvas. The intention of the piece was to have the viewer create their own story from the combination of images. E and I brainstormed stories about the girl and all the things that she was doing:


There was a final display that inspired some interested conversation. The following display was a tank built using empty water bottles and was titled the War on Water:


E and I talked about why the artist chose to make this piece and what she meant by the War on Water. We talked about our climate here and climates elsewhere that do not have the plentiful supply of water that we enjoy. We also  considered the problems of people using single use plastic bottles for water and various pollution implications. As an extension activity E has been collecting plastic water bottles to reuse for art and baby toys.

Reading this week:

Active Listening – Dottie Inventions and some real ones too. (McGough), Fancy Nancy Explorer Extraordinaire (O’Connor & Glasser). Audiobooks: Ramona the Pest & Ramona Forever (Cleary), The Mouse and the Motorcycle (Cleary)

Shared – Veggietales Bible graphic stories

Independent- E has been reading level 1 Ready-To-Roll Readers from Jon Scieszka’s Trucktown series to her brother. Titles include: Dizzy Izzy, Melvin’s Valentine, Read the Signs


April 10 -15th, 2012

Tuesday – today we learned about Pioneer communities. E built a pioneer village using Lincoln logs and then we read several sections from the Historic Communities series ” Customs & Traditions” by Bobby Kalman & Tammy Everts. We discussed what the important buildings in a pioneer community were compared to our communities today.

Wednesday – Swimming lessons and story writing. After reading “What a Story” (Kropp) and listening to Rudyard Kipling’s audiobook Riki-Tiki-Tavi and Other Stories which included a story about a 2 headed dog, E was inspired to write her own story about a 2 headed dog. I scribed the story as she dictated the plot line. I suggested ways to heighten the tension and using transition words like next, after, or suddenly to create flow in the story.

Thursday – face to face day at school

Friday – A great start to our day with about 45 mins of Addition and Subtraction then some lovely spring weather drew us outside and we spent the rest of our morning at the park , real world math while shopping with Mom for the afternoon and a wiener roast in Papa’s backyard for supper!

Saturday – playdough art


Sunday – Church, trampoline and water fight with cousins and a long drive to the airport to pick up Dad!

Reading this week in addition to the books above:

Active Listening -The Mouse and The Motorcycle (Cleary) on audiobook, The Song of the King (Lucado)

Shared – You Read to Me and I’ll Read to you Fairytales

Independent – Veggietales Bible with graphic stories

April 2-9th 2012

As Christians, this is an important week for us. We started off our week reflecting on Palm Sunday and learning the meaning of words like Hosanna – Save Us, and Messiah – Saviour. We talked about the historical context of this story and why the Jewish people called out Hosanna and Messiah to Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. My children are so privileged to live in a peaceful country that the idea of oppression was very foreign to them. We then turned our eyes towards the coming events and reread various parts of Jesus’ story leading up to the crucifixion on Good Friday. On Good Friday we participated in a local walk of the Stations of the Cross. This was a wonderful outdoor community event walking around the village and corporately reading the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. Our weekend was full of celebration and community with a potluck breakfast and egg hunt followed by a friend’s birthday party on Saturday, an early morning service on Easter Morning with an afternoon at the zoo and wrapping up with a birthday celebration for D who turned 4 on Monday the 9th.

Now to back up a little and give the weekly breakdown. This week we initiated Diva’s Diary where E enters a sentence or two each day. Although she enjoys seeing her post we’re having trouble getting more than one sentence so far. Hoping for more next week.

Monday – Creative Dance and Abstract Art lessons followed by a play-date/ tea party. We are working on manners and social rules.

Tuesday – We did math in the morning and then PE at 2pm

Wednesday – Swimming lessons  and a bike ride to the park for some playtime with Dad.

Thursday – face-to-face time and the final Girls Club for the year. E enjoyed crafts and games and a walk through the neighbourhood with her group to hand out flyers.

As the weather has warmed up we have been outside on the trampoline, in the park and riding our bikes daily. Our reading continues with bedtime stories and library time. We’re continuing to work on readers and have found two reader series called Pup and Hound (Hood), and Sam the dog (Labatt) that E & D both enjoy. Some of the other titles we read this week are: Find the Cat (Stone Arch Readers). The Bobsey Twins – Freddie & Flossie, The Costume Copycat (Macdonald), You’re All My Favourites (McBreatney), Christmas Tree (Minor), Shall I Knit You a Hat? (Klise), Tacky & The Winter Games (Lester), What a Story (Kropp), Cowgirl Kate & Cocoa (Silverman), Way out West with Pirate Pete and Pirate Joe (Cannon), Joe and Betsey the Dinosaur (Hoban).