March 25-30, 2012

After an extended break we’re jumping back into routines and adding a few new things along the way.

Monday: Creative dance started up again and E was quite anxious about whether or not she could remember her routine. She was hesitant to go but thankfully carpooling with a friend inspired her to give it a try and she had a wonderful time. The recital isn’t until May so hoping her confidence is high enough to perform by then.

Tuesday: E spent time focussing on Math and as preparation for Addition and Subtraction we practised with some number groups choosing between “greater than” and “less than”.

Wednesday: E began some addition work with number pictures. Had to spend a bit of time reminding her that our goal was to work on the numeric facts and that the pictures didn’t need to be too complicated. Started swimming lessons today and E was delighted to have a friend from last session in the same group again.

Thursday: face to face time went well and E was excited about her day of making Goo and catching up with her school friends. Girls club at night was all about baking and E was in her element whipping up yummy treats to eat.

Friday: Visiting with friends and family today, read lots of books with Dad and had time to do Oma’s hair!

Saturday: special outing with Girls club to a pottery studio then making pizza and playing games, bouncy castles and all kinds of crafts and fun.

Sunday: Sunday school, potluck with friends, trampolining and gardening and maybe even resting up for another busy week ahead! Planning to add in E’s corner in next weeks post!


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