April 10 -15th, 2012

Tuesday – today we learned about Pioneer communities. E built a pioneer village using Lincoln logs and then we read several sections from the Historic Communities series ” Customs & Traditions” by Bobby Kalman & Tammy Everts. We discussed what the important buildings in a pioneer community were compared to our communities today.

Wednesday – Swimming lessons and story writing. After reading “What a Story” (Kropp) and listening to Rudyard Kipling’s audiobook Riki-Tiki-Tavi and Other Stories which included a story about a 2 headed dog, E was inspired to write her own story about a 2 headed dog. I scribed the story as she dictated the plot line. I suggested ways to heighten the tension and using transition words like next, after, or suddenly to create flow in the story.

Thursday – face to face day at school

Friday – A great start to our day with about 45 mins of Addition and Subtraction then some lovely spring weather drew us outside and we spent the rest of our morning at the park , real world math while shopping with Mom for the afternoon and a wiener roast in Papa’s backyard for supper!

Saturday – playdough art


Sunday – Church, trampoline and water fight with cousins and a long drive to the airport to pick up Dad!

Reading this week in addition to the books above:

Active Listening -The Mouse and The Motorcycle (Cleary) on audiobook, The Song of the King (Lucado)

Shared – You Read to Me and I’ll Read to you Fairytales

Independent – Veggietales Bible with graphic stories

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