April 16-21, 2012

Here we are a couple of weeks behind and trying to play catch up! This past week we continued with our regular dance, art, swimming, and face-to-face day at school. Special add in this week was a field trip on Friday to a nearby museum. We did a scavenger hunt and E was very engaged in finding the answers and filling in the blanks all by herself. We had some great history learning about pioneers in our area. We also enjoyed the Old General Store display and talked about money and the changing value of goods over time.


We also had the opportunity to explore some interesting artwork on display in the adjoined gallery. There was a collection of mixed media canvases with all kinds of recycled paper and wrappers:


Then we enjoyed an interactive display where the artist had painted a girl and then projected pictures of other painted images onto the blank areas of the canvas. The intention of the piece was to have the viewer create their own story from the combination of images. E and I brainstormed stories about the girl and all the things that she was doing:


There was a final display that inspired some interested conversation. The following display was a tank built using empty water bottles and was titled the War on Water:


E and I talked about why the artist chose to make this piece and what she meant by the War on Water. We talked about our climate here and climates elsewhere that do not have the plentiful supply of water that we enjoy. We also  considered the problems of people using single use plastic bottles for water and various pollution implications. As an extension activity E has been collecting plastic water bottles to reuse for art and baby toys.

Reading this week:

Active Listening – Dottie Inventions and some real ones too. (McGough), Fancy Nancy Explorer Extraordinaire (O’Connor & Glasser). Audiobooks: Ramona the Pest & Ramona Forever (Cleary), The Mouse and the Motorcycle (Cleary)

Shared – Veggietales Bible graphic stories

Independent- E has been reading level 1 Ready-To-Roll Readers from Jon Scieszka’s Trucktown series to her brother. Titles include: Dizzy Izzy, Melvin’s Valentine, Read the Signs


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