April 22 – April 29th 2012

This week we worked on quite a bit of math. E is working on adding tens and ones and has been counting to 100 by 10s and 5s. She is doing addition and subtraction exercises using pictures and numbers. E is gaining confidence in dance and has started saying that she will participate in the upcoming recital. She is also creating some wonderful paintings and sculptures in her art class.


Tuesday she played soccer in PE class, her swimming lesson on Wednesday was the half-way point in the session so the instructor reviewed her skills and encouraged her to work on her form when kicking and keeping her body up during back floats. On Thursday E enjoyed the science activities at school and told us how she made the raisins dance. Friday we did some bike riding and had a playdate. Saturday we got some roller skates and E spent much of the day between her new skates and the trampoline at her cousin’s house. Sunday we went to church/ Sunday School and spent some time working in the yard.



After listening to the audiobook “The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever” by Barbara Robinson, we found an excellent resource of online book study questions: (http://www.mce.k12tn.net/reading37/best_christmas_pageant_ever.htm). E scored 9/10 on Chapter 1, 7/10 on Ch. 2, 9/10 on Ch. 3, 10/10 on Ch. 4, 7/9 on Ch. 5, 10/10 on Ch. 6 and 8/10 on Ch. 7 comprehension questions. As an extension activity E drew a picture of the Herdmans using descriptions from the book and her imagination

Reading this week:

Active listening – The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever, Oliver and Amanda series: “Amanda Pig, First Grader,” “Amanda Pig and the Wiggly tooth” (Van Leeuwen)

Shared: Spinderella (Donaldson & Pichon), Veggietales Bible

Independent: The Loud Book (Underwood)

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