May 7 – 13th, 2012

We started off this week with another field trip to LCM to learn about magnets. We learned about polarity, magnetic metals: iron, steel, nickel. The instructor had different stations set up for the children to explore and experiment with  different materials. E enjoyed testing how strong her magnet was and finding out which items the magnetic power could pass through such as paper and plastic.


Tuesday, we participated in a salmon release into a local stream. There were some First Nations elders there in full traditional dress playing drums. We helped release a total of 5000 fry into the river system! We talked about the life cycle of Salmon and their unique ability to swim in salt and fresh water.Wednesday, E had swimming lessons and a play-date afterwards. We had some dress up time and improvised drama with a fashion show and play.

Thursday was face-to-face day at school with some good outside time on the playground afterwards.

Friday was a quieter day with reading library books and catching up on some pencil and paper tasks. We worked on some grammar sheets with reading and writing tasks. We talked about proofreading and using context to figure out unknown words in a passage.

Reading this week:

Audiobooks – Anastasia (Princess Diaries series), Mercy Watkins (Kate DiCamillo), 

Independent Reading – Usborne Very First Reading “Pirate Pat”, “Dressing-up Box”, “Stop that Cow”, Tadpoles Readers “I’m Taller Than You”

April 30 – May 5, 2012

As we enter the homestretch of term 3 we are looking back over what we’ve done and what we still have to accomplish. This week we had our regular fun stuff and a great outing, then to cap it all off an artistic splatter art birthday party followed by family jam session. What a week!

This week E did dimensional art in her Monday art class. We discussed the term dimensional and were able to tie it in to a re-enforcement lesson on 2D versus 3D shapes. She went on a scavenger hunt to find a variety of shapes in our house and then correctly identified each shape using proper vocabulary such as cube, sphere, cone, cylinder and then learned a new one: rectangular prism.

On Tuesday E had floor hockey in PE and continued more with art as she created a collage illustration for her creative writing project.

ImageOn Wednesday E attended her morning playtime followed by swimming lessons and recreations swim time after.  We went to the library after swimming to pick out new books for the week and discussed some of our criteria for book selection. E chose based on cover illustrations and titles that sounded interesting. I also had her pick 3 books that she felt she could read to her brother so her criteria for those books was choosing a topic of interest to her brother and the quantity of text. We had an extended family dinner that evening that involved lots of outdoor play and trampoline time with some family friends.

Thursday began with an early morning dental appointment followed by face-to-face day at school. E is having some major dental work done this month so dental hygiene has been an important topic at home. E has learned about brushing for 2 minutes, flossing, drinking water or milk instead of juice, and limiting how and when we eat sweets. This has extended into conversations about healthy food and healthy body choices. E is realizing that not all things that taste good or feel good are not always good for our bodies.

Friday was a locally organized home-school field trip to what is rapidly becoming our favourite community museum. A special instructor came in to teach about bugs found in our province. The class started with maps of our country and province and E identified both very quickly without prompting.

ImageAfter a brief information and discussion session the children were led into the art room where they were able to learn print making and creating print transfers of bugs. First they engraved their image onto a piece of foam:


Next, they covered the foam with ink:


Last step was transferring the image to a piece of colourful paper:

ImageAnd voila! The finished product:


Saturday we attended a spring carnival with many fun games and prizes. E enjoyed panning for gold at one station and also practised some hand-eye co-ordination with throwing darts, bean bag toss and ring toss games. We then spent our afternoon at an SPLATTER paint birthday party at local art school/ studio. The instructor showed the children a painting by Jackson Pollock and then taught them to use different techniques and tools to splatter paint on their canvases. (photo to come soon)