May 7 – 13th, 2012

We started off this week with another field trip to LCM to learn about magnets. We learned about polarity, magnetic metals: iron, steel, nickel. The instructor had different stations set up for the children to explore and experiment with  different materials. E enjoyed testing how strong her magnet was and finding out which items the magnetic power could pass through such as paper and plastic.


Tuesday, we participated in a salmon release into a local stream. There were some First Nations elders there in full traditional dress playing drums. We helped release a total of 5000 fry into the river system! We talked about the life cycle of Salmon and their unique ability to swim in salt and fresh water.Wednesday, E had swimming lessons and a play-date afterwards. We had some dress up time and improvised drama with a fashion show and play.

Thursday was face-to-face day at school with some good outside time on the playground afterwards.

Friday was a quieter day with reading library books and catching up on some pencil and paper tasks. We worked on some grammar sheets with reading and writing tasks. We talked about proofreading and using context to figure out unknown words in a passage.

Reading this week:

Audiobooks – Anastasia (Princess Diaries series), Mercy Watkins (Kate DiCamillo), 

Independent Reading – Usborne Very First Reading “Pirate Pat”, “Dressing-up Box”, “Stop that Cow”, Tadpoles Readers “I’m Taller Than You”


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