May 14- 20th, 2012

This week we have been enjoying some particularly good Spring weather and the Robins who have built a nest in the rafters of our covered deck. Each day we have been filling a water dish for the robins and photographing the eggs to keep track of how long they take to hatch. The robin first built her nest about 2 weeks ago so we are getting very excited to hear the first cheeps of the new chicks!


Monday E had her final dance class and preparation for the recital! Following dance E painted a robin during her art class. With beautiful weather and spring fever in the air we headed to the zoo to ride bikes and see some of the new animal babies. There were 3 Squirrel Monkey “Babies”, one Muskox calf. We looked up the names for different animal babies here: and found out that newborn monkeys are actually called babies!

Tuesday E had PE and played soccer baseball.

Wednesday was a big day with swimming lessons and the long-awaited dance recital in an actual theatre on a big stage! E did GREAT! She came out with a big smile and actually led her group in the steps of their piece. This was a huge personal success for E as she started this class under the strict agreement that she did not have to be in the recital.

Thursday, E was pretty tired and rested in bed with a big pile of books for much of the day. However, it was her cousin’s school play that evening so off we went to watch a cleverly written and executed musical rendition of Robinhood. On the way to the play (30 minutes away), I gave E an overview of the traditional Robinhood story and it’s history. She immediately saw the link to a  Backyardigans (C) episode she watched several weeks ago called “Robinhood the Clean”. The play followed the Disney production fairly closely with Prince Jon portrayed as a thumb-sucking dandy and the actors performed the song from the show “The Phoney King of England”.

Friday morning we carried on our Robinhood theme and E rewatched the Backyardigans episode and made a compare and contrast list between the two versions of the story. That evening for our Friday night movie she watched the Disney version and added a third column to her compare/ contrast chart. It was a fun project testing each other to see who could be a better detective and find more differences between the stories. E was very engaged and we will look further into Robinhood and the actual folk tales about him and perhaps some study of Medieval times history further down the road. E’s younger brother is very interested in knights at the moment so I am envisioning plenty of learning extensions that may come out of Robinhood!!

Reading this week:

Little House in the Big Woods (audiobook, Ingalls Wilder), Birds Build Nests, Where Have you Been? (Wise Brown), What’s in the Egg Little Pip? (Wilson), Secret of the Dance (Spalding), Subway Mouse (Reid), A Ride on Mother’s Back (Bernhard), The Sad Princess (Benton)

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