May 21-27th 2012

We started out this week with a rainy holiday Monday; Victoria Day. A short conversation about the historic significance of Queen Victoria’s birthday and off we went to our nearest historic village/ museum to take in the parade complete with antique vehicles and marching bands. E was equally fascinated by both and particularly enjoyed seeing the many people in period costumes.

Tuesday we worked on Math through the morning doing reinforcement activities of addition from 1 – 10. E practised rewriting equations by using the same numbers in different positions and how she could solve subtraction questions using her sum. After lunch E had PE class where they played floor hockey. She does not enjoy the more competitive sports and finds it difficult to participate but put in a good effort nonetheless.

Wednesday E spent the morning helping in a childcare program at the church. She is one of the older children there and takes great pleasure in helping the leader with snack and organizing the younger children for crafts and games. Following that, she had swimming lessons which she thoroughly enjoys! We spent the later part of the day doing some applied math with grocery shopping. E is always eager to discuss the sale prices, relative value of products based on size and we have been engaging in many conversations about healthy choices, necessary and non-essential items and even global realities and the luxuries that we have in our culture.

Thursday we had a playdate and E’s morning was more involved with chores and her contributions and responsibilities within our family. She is expected to clean her own room and to help with some small chores in the kitchen (ie, food prep./ setting table) or just general tidying. She recognizes her role in the family as the oldest child carries more responsibility but she is also beginning to understand her greater privileges as well.

Friday our weather warmed up and we spent the morning enjoying the hammock and some gardening. E has been learning quite a bit about life cycles this year. From her research on Chickadees in the winter, to observing our resident Robin and now with planting both seeds and bedding plants. E has participated in planting, and choosing the appropriate spots in the garden for our different vegetables based on their individual needs. She has learned that our zucchini and kale are very hardy, our lettuces have to be protected from slugs, the tomatoes need full sun and that grass is our greatest enemy! She is helping with the weeding and is also therefore able to distinguish between plants and weeds based on their distinctive leaves and stems. We decided to further glory in the weather by heading to beach for the afternoon to have a picnic. The tide was out, way out and the children had a fantastic time exploring the tide pools with shovels and buckets. We had the good fortune of finding this sea star:

Saturday brought more sunshine so off we went to play at the park and the splash pad!

That was our fantastic week, hope you enjoyed some sunshine too wherever you are!

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