June 3 – 8th, 2012

As it begins to feel more like summer, we feel a bit less like school but here we are writing about another week in the learning journey. 

Monday morning we continued with our goal of finishing up our math book so E spent 45min working on math addition and subtraction.  E skipped art to attend a Ready, Set, Learn class for her brother. Although the crafts were intended for the younger set E enjoyed making finger puppets and a banner with our phone number. 

Tuesday we spent some time on grammar and more math. It was E’s last PE class and so we went swimming as a family for the afternoon.

Wednesday was our homeschool Sports Day and E had a terrific time doing relays and obstacle courses with her team.



Thursday: E worked on math with Oma as Mom was at the dentist for the morning. E is making great strides in her mental math skills and is very consistent with addition and subtraction between 1-20. She also spent part of her morning making a tea party for Oma and playing hostess and doing shared and independent reading to show off her reading skills.

Friday E had a major dentist appt. in the morning and spent her afternoon and weekend recovering.

By Sunday E was feeling more like herself again so we attended sunday school and spent our afternoon with family and a visit to a friend’s farm to see the chickens.



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