Movin’ on up

Here we are in the second week of September and we are officially starting Grade 2! E is very excited and it really sunk in at Sunday School when the kids all changed classrooms. School is still in transitional mode as we begin to get the hang of our “schedule” again. We also had a kick-off potluck with our Co-op group on the weekend that included some fun times in the pool.

Right now I am reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It is a powerful meditation on gratitude and so we as a family are practising gratitude in our daily devotional time. We spend a bit of time at breakfast brainstorming 10-15 items we are grateful for then hang up our whiteboard and review it through the day.

This week we are introducing math and language with review and some formative assessment of where we’re at. E’s reading has grown by leaps and bounds over the summer and she spends quite a bit of time independently reading. She also decodes words on signs and labels quickly and is very keen to check up on us to make sure we’re not holding out on her. We’ve been playing with our Build-a-word game and when I asked E to make a sentence with each word she built, she took it a step farther and linked her sentences into a short story that we turned into a word family style reader. In Math she was sorting some counting Math-U-See cubes into their appropriate groups then counting by groups of 10s and 5s We will work on counting by other multiples this term hopefully using Times Tales to help E grasp the concept more easily.

We are enjoying some beautiful weather and great produce from our garden. This has been an ongoing study since we planted in the spring and in addition to plant identification we have discussed ecology, the impact of weather and global economy as it relates to food production and shipping.

Wednesday: Used flash cards to review addition and subtraction facts and we are  setting a goal to master 1-20 mentally by the end of this term. For Social Studies we are looking at maps of Canada and the World. We found a great world map that we attached labels to different cities in the world where we have friends and family. We hope to expand this to eventually label all the capitals and highlight cities where Global Workers that we pray for are located. We have a puzzle map of Canada that E has been working on and today she also traced all the provinces and is working on labelling them. Term 1 goal is to  learn all the provinces and identify them by shape.

Thursday we attended the WOW event and had a great time.

Friday we’re off for a weekend trip to Victoria, details to come next week.

PE this week – bike riding (2+ hours), trampoline time ( 1.5hrs total) and playground games.

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