Playing Catch up : September Summary

Since we seem to be a bit behind I’m just going to summarize our learning last month and extra-curricular highlights. We started with our new HCOS co-op group on September 17th. This is E and a friend just outside the door on our first day!

We are finally settling into routine and E has been working on math and geography as we review addition and subtraction facts and some skip counting. We are also focussing on the Canadian map and learning to identify all the provinces. E has been labelling maps and playing with map puzzles, and looking up facts in our Symbols of Canada book and the internet.

Kids doing devotion circle at co-op! 

Making art mats and printing guides:

In Bible we are continuing with our gratitude list, and have been memorizing Hebrews 4:12 and Colossians 3:15 with our co-op group. E is also in piano lessons full-time and is very keen to practise everyday. She has learned several new songs and is working on increasing co-ordination in her left hand. This month has been full of bike-riding and trampoline time for PE. E is reading regularly to her brothers but needs to start challenging herself more to transition into reading to herself for recreation.

Tag with Mrs. Sara at recess:

We also have a geography focus at our co-op with our Little Passports program. Here the kids are listening to Mrs. Sara read the postcard from Brazil while they examine photos and artefacts and locate Brazil on the map.

We had our country fair at Sunday school the last Sunday in September and E thoroughly enjoyed the bouncy castle with lots of jumping time!

September has been a fun month with lots of warm weather and excitement to be in our new co-op group with many of our closest friends. Looking forward now to October!

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