October 1-9, 2012 – VOYAGEURS!!!

This month we are travelling! We managed to squeeze in one more co-op session on Oct. 1st with a great presentation on global poverty from a Food for the Hungry representative and then had fine art where we made clay sculptures.


We also rounded off the day with a fantastic field trip to a local apple farm where we had a hay ride and learned about the history of the farm and were asked to speculate about it’s future. The kids enjoyed finding out that the first owners actually used dynamite to blow up the stumps when they cleared the land to begin farming! They also learned about the local government protection given to this area called the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and that a large portion of Canada’s domestic produce is grown here.


The next few days were a blur as we finished packing and closed down the house for our departure. We left on Oct. 3rd and flew to Ontario to spend a month with family and friends while E’s dad goes on a missions trip in West Africa. Continuing with our geography focus we spent time during our flight reviewing the map of Canada and the flight path from BC to Ontario. After arriving and settling in, we carried this lesson on to mapping out Dad’s flights to Guinea via Paris. We will be talking about time zones, global climate differences, and cultural/ linguistic diversity. We also hope to fully enjoy the amenities of the area and plan to take field trips to the local museums, art galleries and zoos!


This week we’ve had a drama of a cut toe resulting in stitches and a decline in our activity level. Nonetheless, we were able to get to the park and toss a football around for some post Thanksgiving exercise.


To add more low impact activity E  did yoga in the morning with Mom and then helped rake leaves and enjoyed falling into the pile after each of her cousins!


One thought on “October 1-9, 2012 – VOYAGEURS!!!

  1. Hey Cheryl. Thanks for sharing this with me. This is a great way to keep me posted on your educational adventures. Thanks tons. Eric

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