October 9-13 2012

After a sad meeting of coffee and laptop we finally have a computer to write and blog upon! E has been focussing on math skills in Time and Money. She is independently figuring out the time on an analog clock and is learning the names and values of Canadian coinage. We have also been working on reading and writing. E is doing a reading comprehension workbook and is using more invented spelling in her independent writing. This week our highlight was going to the Royal Ontario Museum. We spent the majority of our time in the Dinosaur,


and natural history exhibits. We are going to be learning about modern Egypt in our co-op next month so we focussed on the ancient Egyptian burial customs, pyramids and hieroglyphics.

E and her brothers also really enjoyed the children’s play area and took turns dressing up in period costumes and 

pretending to be paleontologists excavating a dig!

After our day at the ROM we had a family trip with E’s cousins to a local pumpkin farm. We went on a hayride, walked through the pumpkin patch, played on an antique tractor and enjoyed a scenic drive through the countryside.

That was our second week in Ontario!


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