November 4 – November 11 2012

Countdown to flight home begins this week T – 3 days to departure. We have had a great adventure and enjoyed a lot of special time reconnecting with friends and family. Fortunately our schedule has allowed us ample time to keep up on our lessons while adding in a variety of rich learning opportunities. Our last few days in Ontario involved more visiting and packing up the bits and bobs collected along the way. E had lots of free time and fortunately some sunny weather to play outside. On Nov. 7th we said a tearful goodbye to family and headed back to BC.

We got to see the wild differences in weather in our great big country as we spent time in the morning before we left jumping on the trampoline and playing in the leaves, 
Then we were delayed for 2 hours in Edmonton due to a snow storm and finally arrived in Abbotsford to a dark, cool evening with green grass and more fallen leaves everywhere. We woke up to a warm sunny day and enjoyed settling back into our home with a family bike ride in the afternoon.

Saturday we were reuniting with family here when another accident sent us to the hospital for E’s brother D to get stitches in his forehead! A proper bookend incident for our trip I guess. We’ve certainly learned quite a bit about accident management and wound care this month! Now to practise accident PREVENTION!

Sunday we marked Rememberance Day at church and wrapped up our week with family and friends. It’s good to go away and have adventures but it really is great to be home.


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