October 28- Nov. 3 2012

We are excited this week as we count down to E’s dad’s return to Canada and Halloween. We took one more short road trip on Monday to St. Catherine’s to visit friends. E was able to examine an antique model train and a fantastic castle and knights playmobile set.


We started reviewing our addition facts with dice and have a new game we enjoy where each person rolls 2 dice, then we write the 2 numbers into a math sentence and E solves the equations. It is helping increase her speed and memory of addition facts 1 – 12

Then it was Halloween and we were designing and carving pumpkins. E  and D spent lots of time reading  Auntie Esther’s collection of Usborne books and playing in their cousin’s old halloween costumes.


ImageThen Halloween was over and it was Daddy’s day to come home!!! We were so excited to go and pick him up at the airport. And hear all about his adventures in West Africa.Image

And now with Daddy home we were off to more adventures with a trip to Reptilia.



King Cobra eating it’s monthly meal of ratImage

Petting Bonesaw the AlligatorImage

Petting Fluffy the Rattlesnake!Image


We had an awesome time getting up close and personal with all those reptiles and it was a great way to spend a day with our family and wrap up our last full week in Ontario. Departure countdown begins next week!



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