Nov. 12-17

A long weekend Monday was the perfect chance for us to settle in at home and get back into routine after our extended holiday. We worked on cardinal directions and mapping and then spent time doing some writing and our favourite math dice game. It was a rainy dreary day with lots of housework to do so not much in the way of pictures today.

Tuesday we worked at finishing up some of the tasks in our travel journals and in seeking to find out the proper pronunciation for Neuwanstein Castle ended up watching a great YouTube video about King Ludwig the mad king of Bavaria. For the afternoon E and her brother experimented with structures and different materials making themselves a reading fort complete with booby traps all around to foil the infamous book bandits!

E is really enjoying Mo Willems’ books and is reading them to herself and her brothers all the time. She has renamed Gerald the Elephant Grandall. It started as an accidental mispronunciation but she has decided she likes her name for him best so she substitutes it into the text.

Wednesday E and her brother did some fun math by playing Crazy 8s, math puzzles and Math Bingo.

We are in a short session for swimming lessons and E is working on her front crawl technique.

Thursday we restarted piano lessons and E is making excellent progress. She is now learning some Christmas songs and really enjoys singing and accompanying herself. We had friends over after for some important social connection time.

On the weekend we had a science fest and conducted a couple of different kitchen experiments. First we learned about vacuums and watched an egg get pulled into a bottle. Next we placed an egg into a jar of vinegar and then waited a couple of days to see what would happen. E’s hypothesis was that the egg would be cooked by the vinegar, then as we watched it change, she changed her hypothesis to suggest that it was decomposing in the vinegar. Finally we took it out and investigated what changes had occurred in the egg’s shell and overall structure. E felt it and observed that it was rubbery but still soft. I accidentally dropped the egg into the sink in trying to gently rub off the last grainy bits of the shell and sadly broke the membrane. E was able to examine the membrane and we discussed the chemical changes that had happened to the shell. We plan to repeat the experiment and leave the egg for a longer time to see if it will be less fragile.

That was our week… in an eggshell 🙂

3 thoughts on “Nov. 12-17

    • Hi our Math dice game is working at improving speed in addition facts. Each player has 2 die, when you roll the die you shout out the sum of the two numbers. We are also using them to make drill sheets so I will jot the 2 numbers down for my son who is preschool and learning to identify his numbers then my 7 year old daughter solves his equations later as a mad minute. It’s not a very complicated game but the kids love it and I do feel it’s improving her mental math skills.

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