November 18-24 2012


Here on the wet coast 🙂 we are having our typical cold and rainy autumn. This sometimes makes it hard to motivate ourselves to get up and get on with the day. Nonetheless there was learning to be done so off we went!

Monday we started off the week with our fantastic co-op time. In devotion circle E’s bible verse for the week is Exodus 20:12 “Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you.” We are learning about Egypt and E had to find Egypt on a world map. Then the group learned a few facts about Egypt and saw some artefacts that came from Egypt. E got to investigate 2 different sand and rainforest soil and made a compare and contrast chart. Last month in co-op the children learned about Brazil and the rainforest so it was a great lesson to show the differences in climate from one part of the world to another. 

We also shared an Egyptian snack of hummus, flat bread, dates and dried apricots. Lastly we had our art lesson where E learned about Egyptian portrait style and created her own self-portrait complete with a Royal Vulture style crown.

Tuesday was an at-home day with some good writing time. E is really starting to enjoy writing and is creating notes and letters everyday. She is also working on

Wednesday we spent the morning doing math skills and reading then went to swimming lessons and a long free swim afterward.

Thursday we spent some time with friends

Friday we went on a field trip with some co-op friends to our local Science Centre. E had a fantastic time exploring a variety of science concepts. We spent quite a bit of time learning about how to make a structure and strengthen it’s weak points in building a foam block house.

We also explored how seeds travel and had a great time making wings for the seeds and watching them fly up the air tubes.



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