December 1- 7, 2012

Ahhhh December already??? How does this month always seem to sneak up on us? We marked December 1st by picking out a Christmas tree and yes, in this mild coastal area we do go to the tree farm with an umbrella!

IMG_7713 IMG_7724 IMG_7728

This week in Co-op we went to France and learned the names of the colours, and parts of the body in French. We also learned about shapes and structures based on our study of the famous Eiffel tower. We discovered that arches and triangles are commonly used shapes in buildings and bridges then E was able to explore these concepts first in building a co-operative cardboard tower with her group then later as she sculpted an individual Eiffel tower out of pipe cleaners.

IMG_7770 IMG_7789 IMG_7796 IMG_7797

Sadly the rest of our week was obliterated by a vicious bout of the flu. E did spend quite a bit of time reading independently and consequently we made the discovery that she is now able to manage simple chapter books on her own!

As she began to feel better E became our family super-star and fully embraced the role of care-giver. She made home-made lemonade following her own recipe to keep us all hydrated and served everyone in bed all the while heating hot packs in the microwave and running to bring anyone a blanket that might be chilled.   We are so proud of how compassionate she is and how she is unhesitating in her practical hands-on love!

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