December Summary

The hustle and bustle of Christmas is a wonderful and chaotic time. I believe that in the midst of the craziness we found some meaningful time to reflect on our life, our family, and our faith. Here are the highlights:

E sang with joy and great expression in our church Christmas play. She literally stole the show from her spot in the choir 🙂

IMG_7823 IMG_7820

We had one more co-op before we started Christmas holidays and decided to make it a fun time of Christmas around the world and times past. The children learned the true story of St. Nicholas and how we say his name in 6 different languages. We learned how to make hot chocolate from whole ingredients and popcorn balls.IMG_7869IMG_7905

Following snack we spent time making ornaments with origami and paper strips.IMG_7880 IMG_7873

Then we were into Christmas break and were even blessed with snowfall giving us some hopes for a white Christmas.IMG_1825 IMG_1821

Alas, that was not to be as it never lasts very long around here!

IMG_1838 IMG_1813

So many fun things to do and see at this time of year. We enjoyed the German Christmas Market, especially the carousel!IMG_1866 IMG_1855

After all the hullaballoo we were able to get outside and enjoy some beautiful sunny weather! IMG_1942

We had a fun morning outing roasting bannock over the fire in the nearby historical fort and being extras on Breakfast Television.


And family game time…


and reading of course… lots and lots of reading now… YAY!


That was our December in a nutshell. How do you spend time with your family during the long holidays?

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