January: it all begins again

Our first week back into  home learning was a great beginning.

What a creative and co-operative crew we had on Monday! We started the day with a wonderful lesson on the Epiphany in opening circle and our first virtue of 2013 is… COMPASSION. Our first bible verse of the year is Isaiah 54:10 and to celebrate the Epiphany Ms. M introduced us to this delicious Swiss tradition of Kings bread. It was a very satisfying lesson! 🙂
Today Ms. J. taught the kids about France’s tradition of perfume, cosmetics and luxury bath products then instructed them in our project of the day – making bath salts to sell in the spring. This is a comprehensive project in conjunction with Compassion and Food for the Hungry. Our kids are learning about cottage industries, small business practise, global poverty and our role as people of faith to show compassion to those in the developing world. They will be making a few different projects to sell and raise money to donate to the above organizations.  The children practised measuring, counting in French, printing, and working co-operatively to mix the salts, fill the containers and then create labels for them. We had a great time together and are so glad to be back in our co-op routine!
We played some interesting french games at recess called Zic, Zac, Zuc and Cups & Balls. The kids enjoyed the new games and made the most of another indoor recess. We finished our morning creating labels.
This week E began learning about Data management and graphic representations. We began by creating a survey and then E called 20 different friends on the phone and collected their answers to her survey questions. It took a couple of days to get ahold of everyone and gather all the data. Then we began creating tables to organize the information we collected and begin formulating some conclusions. We discussed the importance of asking a question so that you can actually obtain measurable results. E created 2 open variable questions and one question that had 2 variables. E saw that it was much easier to make a definite statement of preference when people had less choices to answer from. It took some work getting our tables in order so we’ll work on creating some graphs from our data next week. E will be creating a variety of graphs this month to show different data sets and to learn how to interpret different models.
In reading E has been continuing to expand her ability. E did an online reading test and had a 100% score for her grade level. The test was a read -aloud passage, one fiction and one informational, then answering a series of questions about the passage after. She showed excellent understanding of what she read and self-corrected all her mistakes using context and rereading the sentence. E is clearly able to read for meaning and will always ask to make sure she understands what she is reading. E loves stories and informational texts and understands that books are a source of information about new and familiar topics alike. She understands that we can read for leisure as well as for work or research.
Books this week: Tintin and Explorers on the Moon, Asterix in Spain, How to Drive your Sister Crazy, The Truth about Hansel & Gretel and Get Well Good Knight.
E is continuing with her poetry and bible memorization. She is working on learning I’m a Manatee by John Lithgow and has nearly mastered Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer. She practised typing out Psalm 23 on the computer and is creating a piece of art to hang in her room with the passage on it.
In Science Eva learned aboutevaporation. E learned about water vapour and steam and how mist, clouds, rain and snow are all part of the water cycle.
In PE we have started swimming lessons again and E goes twice a week. We went skating, rode bikes, went for a walk in the forest and another long walk in town and played at the playgrounds on a couple of cold, but clear sunny days.

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