January around the World – Looking at the Southern Hemisphere

Today’s co-op was special because E  got to stay in her PJ’s!!!  And you know how much kids love that.  Mrs. M led a great circle time with show and tell, our virtues of compassion and courage, and of course a bedtime story (and a dance:)  How many of you dance before bed? A great time was had by all reading and acting out the story Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton. Our verse this week is: Phil. 4:13.

After circle time the kids shared their post card from Australia.  It was great to listen to what they could discover from the cards.  We then read the letter from Sam and Sophia to learn about their adventure in Australia. The kids learned about animal habitats – and unique features of animals of Australia – mammals, marsupials, and monotones. The grade one and two’s were then given a research assignment to pick and learn about one Australian animal.  Using books and the internet they are to write point form things they discover about habitat, unique features of how they look, what they eat, how the move, how they reproduce, etc.  This is now a homework assignment to finish over the next 2 weeks.

We practised our 3Rs by reusing toilet paper rolls to make Koala bears. The kids used a template and paint to create the craft. There were lots of take home worksheets this week including a kangaroo print-out  that E enjoyed using to make australian dot art – using a Q tip for the paint ( they saw an example of one from the Sam & Sophia travel kit).  She loves learning about different art techniques and it was interesting to see and practise this form after looking at Seurat and Le Grande Jatte in detail during our French unit! It might be fun to expand this art lesson into a global investigation of painting styles around the world that use circles or dots primarily in the composition of their pieces.


Tuesday we worked on some spelling tasks, and patterning in math and some outside time playing soccer with her brother then finished the day with swimming lessons.


Wednesday E was a childcare helper at a church program that we went to in the morning then in the afternoon E practised her independent reading and then we had a great dance party for PE just before supper! Our current favourite song is Waka Waka by Shakira as we love the African sound of the song and the kids like singing the words Waka Waka because it sounds silly 🙂

Thursday  E started the day with piano lessons. She  has been making excellent progress and has on average learned 3 new songs each week! We have started using the RAZ kids website for our reading program. E loves reading the stories and recording herself and is enjoying playing back her recordings for her brothers as well. She is also continuing with her poetry memorization program. This week E and her brother learned The Man who Wasn’t There by Hugh Mearnes and Singing Time by Robert Louis Stevenson. We have also started a French Program called Little Pim and began watching the dvds and doing the flash card exercises.

Friday we focussed on math doing some patterning activities on the practice section of Math iXL and the following websites: http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-patternmemory/index.html E was able to work on the Math iXL and Coolmath games independently and easily filled in the missing spaces in repeating patterns with 2 and 3 variables in a variety of number, colour and shape sequences.


She found the Line Dry patterns quite difficult and although understood the concept of having a repeating interval number she needed assistance with each series picking out the interval from the 3 digit numbers. I think these patterns are above our local grade expectations so we just used it as enrichment.

Wrapping up the week with some great social time we had a wonderful creative evening with musical friends on Friday, invited our neighbours over on Saturday and explained the concept of missions in your backyard then took it global attending Missions Fest for the afternoon and evening. E really enjoyed looking at all the booths in the exhibitor hall and the children’s programs. She was given a passport with information about missionaries around the world and also acquired a prayer bracelet to encourage prayer for global workers, the poor and oppressed around the world, and more specifically widows and orphans in Uganda.

It was a great week!

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