January 28 – February 1 2013 – Life Down Under

This week is all about the wonderful world of Oz, aka: Australia. We started the week with a co-op lesson on the Great Barrier Reef and dot paintings of tropical fish

.IMG_8469  IMG_8472

Then following co-op E was immersed in the world of theatre with stretching, singing, memorizing lines and learning choreography.


Tuesday we used research we collected last week and began creating a poster for E’s presentation on Emu’s next week. She is creating a presentation board that shows the Emu in it’s habitat and uses an interactive display to give additional info about Emus and their life cycle. Swimming lessons followed by a family swim at the end of the day made for a late night and an exhausted girly!

This is the website for the language dvds we are using. Even though they are intended for a young audience E seems to enjoy them and is remembering a lot of vocab. We have mostly French but I bought one Spanish and would like to work on that as well;


Wednesday I had a meeting in the morning so it was time with Dad and some more emu research. We have been incorporating more electronic mediums into our school program and with the arrival of E’s school ipad it has been a whole new learning world for us. We are using Math IXL for patterning activities and Raz Kids for reading as well as ibooks and Kindle e-books. We have installed Overdrive and hope to begin using our DL e-library as well. E is enjoying reading so much now and is making great strides across the curriculum! PE today was our suppertime dance party and for supper in the spirit of research we had some delicious Emu Steak!


Thursday we started the morning with piano lessons then worked on E’s research project board. She is also working on organizing her information into an outline for her presentation. Swimming lessons at the end of the day for PE.

Friday morning was full of errands then we headed to E’s grandparents for a night spent playing with cousins and her brothers!


Saturday brought our final research exercise with a trip to the zoo to visit the emus and check out what kinds of props we might procure


Emu scat, actually an important feature of E’s presentation and yes this is a gross pic!


A curious Roosevelt Elk wondering what we were up to when all the other visitors appeared to be gone for the day.


Bald Eagles are native to our area and we see them frequently at this time of year. Their nests are always so dramatic that I just can’t resist taking pics of them.


This is actually an Ostrich egg and we are hoping we will be able to find an Emu egg for next week but if not, this will be a size comparison at least. How many people would 1 Ostrich Egg Omelette feed?



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