Presenting Australian Animals! Feb. 4-9th

So this week at co-op our verse was Deut. 31:6 and the last week learning about courage. After opening circle, we shared our presentations and E finally got to present her research on Emu’s. She practised her audience skills with active listening, asking relevant questions, and showing appreciation and respect to the speaker.IMG_8677

When it was her turn, E spoke clearly and showed enthusiasm for some parts of her topic. Unfortunately she placed her notes on the table on the table behind her so spent the first part of her presentation with her back to the audience 😦 When reminded,  she pulled her notes out and faced her audience with good expression and volume. She was so excited to share her Emu egg, feather and prepared Emu meat with the other children!



At recess we carried on our Australian theme with “What time is it Mr/Ms Koala/ Kangaroo/Dingo…” When the appropriate moment arose the chosen animal would shout “Tea Time!” We had a great running game and finished up with some laps around the parking lot, jumping jacks and then a stretch to keep us limber.


Before co-op ended we also shared a special treat called Lamingtons. This is supposedly the national dessert of Australia and the recipe can be found under the food tab on the left.


Following co-op E had another great week of theatre camp where she is learning songs and selected dialogue from several well-known musicals such as Annie, Charlie Brown, and Peter Pan. We love her Miss. Hannigan impressions!

Tuesday we celebrated International Pancake Day with lots of family baking time! E is becoming very adept at reading and following a recipe and shows good safety awareness at the stove. She is consistently able to measure ingredients for a recipe using imperial and metric systems. E is also beginning to convert her measurements when necessary to use the tools available. ie: if the 1 cup measure is dirty E is learning that she can use 2x 1/2 cup measures or 4 x 1/4 cup measures.

IMG_8697 IMG_8703

Tuesday night we had swimming lessons and some playtime in the pool afterward.

Wednesday was a time for more math as E practised patterning on Math iXL

Thursday we focussed on literacy with our weekly trip to the library and E had her final swimming lesson. She passed her level with flying colours and is excited to proceed to the next.

Friday was our cleaning, packing and organizing day. E is developing good personal habits in being responsible for her own room and is starting to help with laundry. After our morning chores were done, E attended a Valentine’s party at a homeschooling friend’s house.

IMG_8735 IMG_8736

Saturday we headed off on a small road trip to celebrate E’s Great-Grandma’s 80th birthday! It was fun to drive over the mountains and observe the difference in temperature and weather on our drive. When we stopped at the top of a high mountain pass to use the facilities there was a huge bank of snow covering the edge of the building up to the eaves!

E had a fun-filled weekend with cousins, cuddling up to e-books & games, cuddling Papa, and swimming at the hotel.

IMG_8981 IMG_8975

E was happy to show Great-Grandma her growing skill as a reader and some of the projects she’s been working on.


E was delighted to honour the family tradition of a special tea party with Great-Grandma and her cousin G and her Mama. Usually these tea parties are just for E and her GG but this one was extra special! We always practise our best manners with GG and this tea party E spent time asking some good questions about when GG was a little girl and found out all kinds of interesting things about life 70 odd years ago! GG rode a horse to school without a saddle, she had 11 younger siblings and she didn’t have water in a tap, she had to carry it from the spring in a bucket!


Finally the best way to wrap up a weekend in a sunny and snowy location was sledding on pieces of cardboard, the most timeless of childhood toys! 🙂

IMG_9049  IMG_9116  IMG_9165

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