Lamb, Lion, Saviour – Reflections of Faith

This is a departure from my usual format of school-focussed blog entries. As I was writing our March entry the metaphor below kept tickling my mind and heart and I just had to write about it 🙂

A final reflection on Easter and the explanation for my title. It is one of those years that Easter showed up in March but given the whole Lamb and Lion imagery used to describe March weather I think it’s a fitting metaphor for Easter.

At Easter we often talk about Jesus the lamb of God, slain to take away the sins of the world. I love this image of Jesus as heart rending as it is. It grabs my emotions and says “do not forget how innocent he was and how cruel his death was!” That being said, I think we need to see him as the Lion of Judah image within the Lamb as well. How brave and incredibly noble was his death! How bold his claim, and how deep his faith.

Jesus faced down a world of sins present, past and future and suffered unimaginably so that we could claim salvation. I don’t want to get into any debates with you about whether or not we are sinful – spend time with a 2 year old answer that one for yourself 🙂 The Father sacrificed his son for the rest of his human creation and yet time and time again we refuse this amazing grace! This gift freely given so that we might know true love. Why do we respond with cynicism and mockery? Why are we afraid to embrace this unfathomable truth?

As Easter is now past tense, we are even less likely to ponder on these things but in this tiny corner of the blogosphere I hope to encourage you and remind you that God’s love for us is AMAZING, AWESOME and AVAILABLE to all!

I serve a risen saviour,



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