Marching to the beat of our own drums!

We are going to do a summary of March as it flew by and now need to get back into school mode with April rolling in! We started off our month with an Irish theme learning about the history of St. Patrick and St. Declan and taking a class in traditional Irish dance with some friends.

IMG_0559 IMG_0566

Next E participated in a drama camp putting on a musical production of the bible story of Naaman. The story in 60 seconds or less: Naaman, a great general who contracts leprosy and is out of medical options when a servant points him to Elisha, a prophet in Israel who has done great miracles. Naaman goes to see him, bathes in the Jordan river 7 times and is miraculously healed.

IMG_0748  IMG_0758

The camp was really well organized and the kids had a great time learning their lines and stage directions as well as time to do crafts and play outside each day!

IMG_0823 IMG_0808

And then the big performance! The families with children in the camp were encouraged to invite as many people as they could to use the story as an outreach. So before the performance the whole cast and crew bowed heads and offered all the glory of the night to God, that this play would be their worship and service to Him.


E was one of Naaman’s servants who accompanied him on the journey. She had quite a few lines and even a duet with her co-servant near the end of the play!


IMG_0908  IMG_0911

With the weekend came some family time and a trip to our local historical fort. We love roasting bannock around the campfire, learning about indigenous people and animals, playing with the sheep and goats and panning for gold!


We’ve had some beautiful spring weather here so we spent as much time outdoors as we could. We went to the zoo…

IMG_1070 IMG_1012

and the park…

IMG_1001  IMG_1008

Then an Easter egg hunt with friends…

IMG_1091 IMG_1105

E is always and enthusiastic artist and dedicated herself to making beautiful detailed easter eggs.


And to finish off the month we drove 14 hours north to see E’s great-grandparents on their working ranch. I have to say I LOVE road trips. The endless hours in the car are tiresome – I can’t deny it, but I love the deeper conversations I have with my husband, I love the freedom of the open road and the chance to veer off the beaten path once in awhile, I love listening to audiobooks with my family and enjoy hearing my kids role play out the stories with their action figures/ stuffies/ Barbies in the backseat and I love playing 20 questions with my kids. Which by the way, I actually managed to stump the scientist/ father-person on my turn. I chose a thing, it was dark out and I randomly chose the stars. It was hilarious watching him over analyze and logic his way through every combustible gas that is useful to humans before he finally gave up!

At the end of 2 days on the road we were there and the kids couldn’t wait to get dirty!  We spent lots of time outdoors with the sunny warm weather and the  animals.

IMG_1153 IMG_1155

E and her brother discovered that soft spring snow doesn’t slide as well as mid-winter snow 🙂 They started getting their saucers out and heading outside first thing every morning to take advantage of the overnight dip in temp and better sledding conditions 🙂


There was also some art as we decorated cakes with a grown-up cousin.


And one of the highlights of E’s trips to the ranch is always going horse-back riding!IMG_1196 IMG_1225

We discovered that E is actually a really good farm-hand. She was enthusiastic in helping Great-Grandad with the chores, feeding the cows, tagging them and even watching calves being born! There seems to be almost nothing about animals that she doesn’t enjoy!

IMG_1249 IMG_1271 IMG_1261

We are so blessed to have great-grandparents to love on us and pass on their wisdom to this new-fangled, high-tech generation!


On the drive home we saw many wild and domestic animals; eagles, hawks, deer, cows, sheep, goats, llamas and horses but the most exciting animal spotting was these big-horn sheep that we saw by Spence’s Bridge. We stopped and watched them for awhile amazed at their climbing abilities and just enjoying watching these more uncommon critters!IMG_1334 IMG_1342

That was our month in a nutshell 🙂 Our schoolwork was mostly journalling our adventures and math on the go. E’s addition facts are totally tight now and her multiplication is getting much stronger!



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