Investigating India

I’m going to lump together 2 weeks of co-op so that we can get caught up again 🙂

Three weeks ago the children were introduced to the country of India. Sadly we were ill and had to stay home so if you want to see their first lesson here are the pics on our friend’s blog: Gathered In

Last week the children learned where India is on a map and some major features of the land and culture and various Indian traditions, such as the festival where they throw coloured powders on passer-bys and about the extent to which religion isin every aspect of Indian life. Ms. K wore a beautiful Sari and told the children about the spiritual and practical significance of the Ganges River complete with a great science lesson on water quality.  She began by discussing the religious customs and the importance of the Ganges as a sacred river to the Hindu people. The children learned that Hindu people bury their loved ones by laying the bodies on a floating pallet and setting them on fire and letting them float down the Ganges river. Ms. K took clear water and then slowly added in other liquids and solids to represent what kinds of things are in the water of the river. She explained that India does not have sewage treatment and people use the river as a toilet. She also showed the industry and pollution that affects the river and finally she told the children that people bathe in and drink this water… ewwwww!

IMG_1717   IMG_1721IMG_1723

This week we finished our time in India. Sadly after 4 weeks of South Africa I would have loved to spend more time on India as well but the year is running out on us so this week we wrapped up as much as we could.

In circle time, Ms. M played a fun game with the kids to figure out the virtue they were learning about.

This was a variation of hangman with these cute little people getting closer to the water with each missed letter.
Such pondering and brainstorming going on until finally that a ha moment arrived! 
And here we have G showing her incredible printing as she fills in the answer.
Today’s verse: Colossians 3:20
And the joyful singing as our kids imprint the scripture upon their minds and hearts!
 The children also practised their skip counting as they added up the money earned at the booth we set up at the homeschool convention. We sold soup mixes and bath salts as part of our initiative to raise money for Food for the Hungry. (We are setting up a booth at a local farmers market next weekend where we hope to sell the rest of our products!)
 We followed circle time with our lesson in Indian Dance. The song we danced to was called Po Po from the Sons of Sardaar soundtrack or on itunes the album was called Top 25 Songs of 2012 (Bollywood). 
This was our “lotus hands” movement where we took 4 side steps as we held up our arms up and out with middle fingers touching thumbs something approximating that 🙂
 And the slithering snake movement 
 This one wasn’t in our dance but it was so fun to do that we learned it anyways, we called it the “catch me” movement. 
 I love these happy faces when we learn. 
 Next Ms. K showed the kids different way children in India get to school. It was fun for the kids to think about riding to school in a rickshaw or on a camel! 
After that great book we learned about the different climate in India. The children discussed their feelings about the rain and how we react to the sunny hot days of spring and summer. Ms. K showed us a video of people dancing to welcome the monsoons and used a beautiful story about Monsoons to demonstrate the contrast of Indian feelings about weather to our own experiences. We learned that Indian people are joyful and excited when the monsoons come and even though it rains for weeks and weeks they are happy because the rain brings relief from the heat and feeds their animals and crops.
 Another time of body learning before recess as Ms. K taught the children the following yoga poses: tree, cow, cat and… 
 …downward dog. 
 Then during recess the children used the new positions to play yoga tag! (Like freeze tag but with yoga positions. )
 We are loving this sunny weather!!!
After recess Ms. K finished the morning with a mini-lesson on the 7 continents and a map of India. The children learned a song with the names of all the continents and brainstormed ways to recognize the shape of India on a world map or even just a map showing the continent of Asia. They used words like “ice-cream cone”, “pizza” and “upside down mountain to describe the shape of the country.
 Using the whiteboard and a guide map, they marked out significant landmarks such as the Himalayas, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea and the capital city of New Delhi. 
That was co-op this week and our last look at India. I can’t wait for our next co-op travel adventure! 🙂