Lions, Leopards and Rhinos, Oh My!

We’re overdue for a post! I had some technical problems which limited my ability to upload pics for the last few weeks. All issues seem to be resolved for the moment, so here we are.

November was a busy month with the wrap up of nursery school for D and various end of year activities. E went to Honey Badgers at the zoo again and ice-skating with the local homeschool network. We had some violent thunderstorms with hail the size of golf balls that forced the cancellation of a couple of picnics but we’ve managed to squeeze in some swimming and park time around the bad weather.

In school news, E has been working away at her Life of Fred and Singapore Math, Math Pyramids and Math IXL. She has finished her Reading Comprehension book on African Animals and our family read aloud over the past month has taken us through The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair by CS Lewis. In Science we have covered the interdependence of plants and animals while D is learning about the 5 Senses. Our Social Studies curricula has been rich in being able to witness first hand the outpouring of emotion and the history behind the life of Nelson Mandela. E has been learning the simplified story of Apartheid and Mandela’s role in bringing it to an end. As his death was announced last week E and D drew pictures for “Madiba” and took them to his house to lay them with the flowers and other memorials people brought to honour this great man.

Our most recent adventure involved leaving the kids with our good friends and heading north to a game reserve called Ulusaba in the Sabi Sands private game reserve on the edge of Kruger Park. It was an amazing opportunity of a lifetime. To really start at the beginning I have to go back to September of 2012 when J and I attended a charity event for Mercy Ships in Victoria, BC. We intended to go as an information-gathering exercise as J was preparing to head to Mercy Ships Africa in Guinea for the month of October. It was an a la carte dinner and auction at the Empress Hotel. We hadn’t planned to bid but as the auctioneer kept lowering the opening bid on a safari trip for 2 and no-one was bidding J couldn’t resist and raised his number. One bid later the safari was ours and our only problem was whether or not we would be able to come to SA and redeem it. Jumping ahead to the present, here we are in a lovely home with dear friends and willing babysitters for a whole 3 days of 5 star safari! It was truly a second honeymoon as one of my new friends dubbed it. 😉 We saw all of the Big 5: Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants and Cape Buffalo plus so much more!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

We are so privileged to have this experience of life in a different country and we hope that we are learning along the way to count our blessings and maybe even live a little differently as a result.