About Me

I  am a bumbling home-schooling mom of 3 kids who loves my life! I was a teacher B.C. (before children), but really that hasn’t helped me in this learning journey all that much. We struggle to find time to get it all in and stay sane in the process. Through it all I hope that my kids know first of all how much I love them, secondly how wild and wonderful the world around them is, and thirdly how to communicate that knowledge to others. I welcome your observations, thoughts or words of experience if you care to comment on any of my posts.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello,

    I’m Amy, and while I live in New Jersey now, I’m actually from Ontario. I’m a fellow homeschooler, and I’m hosting a link-up to assist BC parents who may be looking for ways to educate their kids at home while their schools are on strike.

    Would you have a post you’d like to include? I’m hoping to fill up this link-up quickly so we can share it with parents in BC 🙂


    Sorry to share this in comments – I couldn’t find your contact page! Please feel free to delete!


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