Investigating and Invigorating; from the seashore to the park and all things inbetween

After co-op this week we drove to the beach to enjoy and beautiful day and explore our beautiful area!IMG_3110 IMG_3119 The next day we participated in our local homeschool association Sports Day event. E was worn out after all the running, hopping, obstacle course running and swimming at the end!IMG_3148 IMG_3149 IMG_3150As the end of the week approached we joined friends for a field trip to a local animal shelter. E saw the rooms where the animals were kept.IMG_3177The girls met a couple of volunteers who come to walk the dogs…IMG_3178And enjoyed some petting time with a friendly cat.IMG_3184She practised her interview skills by asking the receptionist some questions about the shelter and how it operates.IMG_3192  IMG_3203At the end of the day she wrote a detailed journal entry about her experience:Photo on 2013-06-20 at 23.06We finished off our day with a trip to a local berry farm and a walk through their beautiful sitting garden.IMG_3215As we explored the garden we saw these bees hard at work and discussed their important role in our farm ecology and their current threatened status. We talked about the possible outcomes if we don’t protect our bees and made sure to give them wide berth so they can continue their vital pollination work!IMG_3211


2012; A Room with a View and Visioneering into 2013

If hindsight is is 20/20 than this is the time of year when we have the picture window view on the past year! However, as the old adage goes, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes and so with our informed look at the past, we are turning our faces to the future and how we can become our best selves.


1. Our faith is the centre of who we are and what we want to be. Looking back we have begun to show that in some of our daily activities but this is an area that we want to be at the heart of everything and so for the new year we are committed to deepening, broadening and running full-steam into the realm of belief. We have challenged ourselves to learn at least 33 bible verses by the end of the school year and want to implement a more consistent time of daily devotions. God has blessed E with a desire to know him and it warms my heart to see her poring over the genealogy of Jesus in the book of Matthew or writing songs of praise on the piano. We are so grateful for this spark in her heart and pray that we will be instrumental in fanning it into a full flame that burns brightly and makes her a witness to others.IMG_1937

2. We are a family of unique and creative individuals. I am learning that in our family this means that we need space to figure out our own ideas, opportunities and materialsto explore and sometimes we even need some structure to turn those ideas into realities. In order to more fully develop this aspect of our family, we are significantly decreasing screen time and engaging in more creative time. This means boredom is not an option and free play with less toys and more found objects is now the gold standard in our house.


3. We strive to be intentional about community. We have joined our learning paths with the wonderful families in our co-op group. This has been a fun-filled journey of discovery and collaboration. We also marked the 1st anniversary at our church home and are finding more connections there as we increase our involvement and profile. Through our neighbourhood we have begun to build relationships with neighbours and new friends from the community centre. Now at the beginning of this new year we are planning a 6 month sojourn in South Africa and are excited about what God will do in our lives there. This idea of community is especially important as we will just be briefly passing through the lives the people we will meet. We desire to be open and joyful in these relationships and hope that this will be a life-changing experience for our whole family.