A Hobby Photographer

Since my last photography post, I’ve had a marathon training session with my brother in law who is a pro-photog. HE has really expanded my understanding of my camera and I am even shooting in full manual all the time! I’m still really working on composition and exposure but am pretty happy with the shot below as I attempted to capture some beautiful outdoor scenery! Best pic of the day.




I bought a used DSLR last summer with a promise to my hubby that I would learn to use the manual functions! Finally 7 odd months later I have just completed a fantastic beginners photography workshop with the amazing Lesley from http://www.lesleyannphotography.ca/

This woman is an amazing teacher with a vivacious personality and the ability to dumb it down for the total beginner like me! I feel like she cracked the code for me and now this intimidating photo-language is not such a mystery anymore! Our homework was to keep our dial on AV or TV mode for 6 weeks without sliding back into our Auto / blankie mode 🙂 I am so glad I went to this workshop and can see the difference in my photos already. I’ll be trying to post a best of the week photo here and welcome your comments and criticisms. This is my learning project so feel fry to teach my any tips you have!







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