Time-travel and the quick Summer Highlights Reel

Exciting adventures await in a mere 24 hours so before we start sharing the new we’ll spend a few minutes catching up with y’all ¬†and showing you what our summer looked like.


We went to visit our dear great aunt and uncle and attend a family reunion. One of the many highlights of this visit is always a chance to drive the big machines connected to the family gravel business!


Coming home it was time to harvest our yellow plums again and this year they became jam! Yummy!


Another long awaited project, spreading sand over our yard to improve drainage and prep the ground for our small swimming pool.


A walk in the canopy


discovering the inside of a red cedar.Image

rock climbing at family camp!


Pirate festival


Hanging out watching the blacksmith at a local historic site.ImageImageImage

surprise rain at the zoo = fun new ponchos all around!Image

A few days with mom’s grandparents up north at the farm.Image

Haying season


Stepping back in time to the Fraser River Goldrush in the historic community of Barkerville.ImageImageImageImageImage

Learning how a rocker box works to sluice gravel for gold.Image

Gold panning in the trough!


A moment of repose with the cast from the local variety show.Image

new friends


Learning about a Cornish waterwheel and how to sluice for gold! IMG_4909Ahhhh summer, you went by too fast. But stay tuned, there are some unexpected twists ahead in the road for this homeschooling family.