October 14-27

When we went to the clinic to get E’s stitches out we found out that her toe is infected and she has been ordered to complete bed rest for 3 days and a course of antibiotics. Consequently we are taking things slow with lots of book reading and some seat work. Continuing with  Time and Money and our Reading Skills workbooks. Our bible verses are Hebrews 4:12 , Ephesians 5:16-18. Following our quiet week E finally felt herself again and was able to  get out and about.

We headed north to Barrie for a couple of days with good friends and some outdoor exploring. We were able to visit a provincial park that had a collection of rescued/ injured Canadian wildlife. E and her brothers were enraptured with the friendly deer and had fun honking back at a territorial Trumpeter swan (from a distance of course :).

After that we headed south to downtown Toronto on a rainy day to see friends and spent some time at the public library reading books and doing puzzles. E discovered the Scaredy Squirrel books and thoroughly enjoyed the humour.

One day to rest then on the road eastward to the Toronto Zoo to see White Lions, Orangutans, Gorillas, Elephants, Giraffes, penguins and so many more animals than we have time to list here!

Pretending to be on safari on the African Savannah!

Finding out how penguins communicate:

Practising kindness in helping the smaller kids with us look through the view finder:

This is Hudson the one year old Polar Bear that was born at the zoo. He’s much bigger than the one year old in our family! We talked about the different growth rates between humans and animals like Polar Bears. 

At the end of a full day at the zoo we hopped in the van and drove a couple of hours  further east to Kingston to see our cousins at University. We spent a warm sunny day seeing the sights and had an impromptu history lesson on the border wars of Lake Ontario. This is a view of Fort Henry from the Wolfe Island ferry:

In an historically rich area like eastern Ontario one finds history lessons all around. This gentleman is a local musician (Sheesham & Lotus), who specializes in traditional instruments and we were the privileged first row audience during a spontaneous concert on the ferry that included a banjo, gourd banjo and a mouth bow. The man explained and demonstrated each instrument and told us about some of the interesting artefacts he collects. One of which is a penny farthing bicycle!We went on to go through a corn maze and enjoy a picnic and playtime in the park with the big cousins!