Secret Agents – Mission Possible

So our week was all about a certain middle child’s birthday! Happy 5th Birthday D! First up was his actual birthday celebrated with family and his big sister happy to make him a card and read all of the other cards to him.


He decided/ Mommy suggested we would have a Secret Agent party. This was a great theme and everyone got involved in selecting items for the goody bags,


…creating the goody bags by drawing and colouring our criminal masterminds on paper-bags,


…and setting up the decorations for a Top Secret Birthday Misssion!


Finally the day of the party and we brought an excited group of soon-to-be spies home. We were about to sit down for lunch we when found a Top Secret Memo on our table telling us that Secret Ingredients from our domestic laboratory had been stolen by a gang of nefarious Criminals. The memo said our Secret Agents had 20 minutes to find the clues and rescue the Secret Ingredients before the crooks could detonate the bomb they had set.


With great enthusiasm and focus our Secret Agents set off to find the clues hidden throughout our home base.


Each clue had a letter on the back and the final clue was a message explaining that their next task was to use the pattern clues on each letter card to spell out a word that would tell them where the secret ingredients could be found. Our young Agents did a fantastic job of spotting the matching patterns and our older Agent Trainers read the word and rushed to rescue the secret ingredients!


Mission accomplished!


Now that we had our ingredients the Agents washed up and prepared to assemble their own pizzas. Despite a large range of choices I believe almost everybody had Ham & Pineapple! 🙂


After lunch it was time for more party fun and we ran the agents through our laser training course. The course increased in difficulty with each round and culminated with the invisible white yarn pattern that was the most difficult level. Almost everyone was able to complete the course without touching the lasers!



Following the laser course we had the obstacle course with a plasma car drive up the hallway, chairs to circle in the kitchen, under the little tykes slide, over the couch, across the balance beam, 5 jumps on the trampoline and a race back to the beginning.



With more energy used up it was time to refuel and so Operation Cupcakes commenced! The children were given icing, sprinkles, and ninjas (licorice babies) to put on their cupcakes. They were also warned to be on the lookout for suspicious or unusual cupcake behaviour and sure enough…


… with further investigation they discovered treasure hidden inside their cupcakes!


They actually ate their cupcakes as well as the icing and because we had one coin that had a colour pattern on it, we were able to choose who got to give their gift to the birthday boy first.

IMG_1511 IMG_1521

We kept our numbers down for this party with a total of  7 kids  (including mine) and it was a really fun day! All the kids were picked up happy and ready to do it again – I love a birthday without tears!!! 🙂

One down, two to go…